UnderTale: End of the Multiverse Wiki
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This is an Undertale alternate multiverse story created by BladeInTheLight


The Multiverse is in ruins, after UnderTale itself is destroyed in an event caused by an entity known as Shadow!Chara, with most of AU's long destroyed along with it. Thirty years have passed, and the multiverse has begun falling apart, with few to protect it and many willing to destroy it, its up to the few that remain to pick up the pieces and protect whats left of this fallen world, while there are those that would be happy to watch it fall apart. After all, what should they do when the odds favor those who appose them?

There are those who have banded together to protect what's left, these are known as protectors, much like the ones of old, who seek salvation for not only them, but for the entire mutiverse.

There are also those who believe that the multiverse is a dangerous virus that consumes anything it comes in contact with it, and would do anything in the name of its destruction